Friday Post 4/29

HappyFriday4It’s once again Friday and for that reason alone, I have a smile on my face. In addition to it being Friday, I wrote two of the best words an author will ever say…The End.

I don’t have the foggiest idea when this book will be published but the story is official and my characters finally have their voice. Now comes the really hard part, beta reading and editing.

Living With Regret is still holding on under number 15 in the sport romance category on Amazon. I’m beyond humbled to know that people are reading my words. The book community is huge and I’m still shocked that readers are choosing one of my books out of the millions that are available. To everyone who has purchased, read and reviewed one of my books, I want to say thank you even though that doesn’t seem like enough.

This next week I’m doing a takeover on Tuesday, May 3rd at 10pm EST on the Bookworm Facebook group.

Thursday, May 5th at 9pm EST I’m doing a takeover on the Amazeball’s Book Addicts page. Feel free to head over. As always I’ll have some giveaways happening.

I hope you make it a great weekend,



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