Friday Post 4/15

HappyFriday7This has been an exciting week for me. Living With Regret already has 43 reviews on Amazon. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has read, reviewed and purchased a copy.

Paperbacks are under review now and should be available to purchase within the next couple of days on Amazon.

My other exciting news this last week is that I finally booked my flight and hotel for LoveNVegas in August. No…I’m not going as an attending author but as a true fan girl. Long before I decided to write and publish my own work, I was an avid reader who fell in love with many author’s stories. I absolutely can’t wait to meet several authors and to purchase lots of new paperbacks.

This weekend is once again filled with many things to do, but the weather looks nice—especially compared to the many feet of snow my Colorado friends and family might get—and I’ll be able to knock off a lot of my outside chore list.

Have a fun and safe weekend,



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