Hello Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the weekend. I’m lucky enough to miss the big blizzard that’s about to hit the East coast, but it’s still extremely cold here.

I hit publish on Beneath The Lies thirteen days ago, and I’m happy with the reviews I’ve received. The hero and heroine, Gavin and Kate are special characters to me and I’m happy that even one person other than myself likes them.

I’ve had readers claim I’ve left them hanging, and I did but not in the sense of a true cliffhanger. Beneath The Lies can be read as a standalone, but the ending leaves readers wondering what will happen next with a secondary character. I’m happy to announce that book two in the Living With Lies series Locked Away will release late spring/early summer.

In April, I’m releasing a standalone book called Living With Regret. The characters in this story have been in my head for years and I’m happy to finally have them out and on paper.

Stay warm and make it a great Friday and an even better weekend!



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